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Company Profile

WIN FAR TOOLS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. was established in OCT. 2009 located in Changhua , Taiwan .

Possession of nearly two decades of combined experience in HAND TOOLS field, WIN FAR takes pride in offering honest and true exclusive solutions to the customers.

With one single definition: to produce and supply efficient, high quality and easy-to-use tools to our respectable clients. It makes WIN FAR unique as your great support.

The current lineup of Hand tools includes well-designed Garden Scissors,Electrician Scissors,Wire Cutter,Cable Cutter,Bolt Cutter, Screwdrivers,Socket Sets and a whole array of Professional Tool Kits.

At WIN FAR, bringing the practical utility of working or long lasting use are key factors to manufacture products of high quality at affordable prices. Intensive research and development are forefront within the company backed by individual sales and after-sales service.

Our Values

Credibility Earnestly and sincerely we operate and behave. WIN FAR is a firm company, characterized by trust and integrity.

High quality WIN FAR continually works towards providing the best possible instruments for our customers. The client-oriented approach is one of the key features that favorably discriminates WIN FAR from other companies working in this business sector. Innovation we strive to be open-minded and flexible in our work. New thinking is an important cornerstone in WIN FAR concept and creates a contemporary organization that is always seeking to improve.

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